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Benchmark Physical Therapy and Wellness Center


4964 Benchmark Centre Drive • Swansea, IL 62226       


Therapy for back, neck and spine pain.

Your back or neck pain patient needs a thorough examination by a qualified physical therapist to pinpoint the source of their pain. We’ll create a customized program designed to decrease pain and promote healing. We help patients overcome their back problems through a variety of therapies, including:

:: Manual therapy to optimize function in the spinal joints & surrounding soft tissue
:: Muscle energy techniques :: Joint mobilization
:: Soft-tissue mobilization/massage
:: Manual & mechanical traction
:: Home exercise & patient education
:: Trunk & postural stabilization exercises to strengthen muscles
:: Electrical stimulation & other modalities to reduce pain & spasms

back painIf your patient is one of the millions of Americans with chronic or acute back and spine problems, we can help with customized programs that reduce or eliminate pain and increase mobility, strength, flexibility and function.

We emphasize hands-on, manual treatment to get the results you and your patient are looking for. We also have the most advanced aquatic therapy program in the area, with two SwimEx resistive current pools and one static pool complete with lift – ideal therapy for non-weightbearing or partial-weightbearing patients. We treat the full spectrum of spinal problems, neck problems and back pain, including:

:: Chronic lumbar pain :: Degenerative disc disease
:: Cervical & lumbar sprains or strains
:: Bulging & herniated discs :: Postsurgical rehab
:: Pinched nerves :: Sacroiliac dysfunction & pain
:: Low back pain :: Muscle spasms :: Whiplash injuries
Sciatica :: Postural pain :: Stiffness
:: Radiating pain :: Complex spinal problems

Our therapists take an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to rehab and address the underlying source of pain and dysfunction. Specific trunk stabilization techniques are combined with manual therapy to optimize function in the spinal joints and surrounding soft tissue, modulate pain, increase range of motion, control inflammation and facilitate movement.

Your patient will also receive extensive education on improving posture and flexibility. Patients learn the value of home self-care therapy to prevent future problems. The more your patient knows and understands his or her body and condition, the better able they will be to benefit from physical therapy for better, longer-lasting results.

We have delivered thousands of healing treatments to Illinois residents, helping them achieve healthier, more active lives. Learn firsthand why our patients and referring physicians recommend us so often. For more information about our physical therapy programs, please call us at 618-632-5800.