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Benchmark Physical Therapy and Wellness Center


4964 Benchmark Centre Drive • Swansea, IL 62226       


work injuriesWork conditioning/ work hardening to safely help you get back on the job.

Our work conditioning / work hardening program focuses on preparing patients for a safe return to work after an injury. The program includes instruction about posture, proper body mechanics, correct lifting techniques, strengthening, endurance and simulation of work tasks. We are able to simulate many work tasks. We evaluate the whole patient and teach patients how to prevent future work injuries. On site facilities enable the patient to simulate their work environment and duties. Our comprehensive program consists of daily sessions for up to four hours, five days a week.

Our clinic offers functional capacity evaluations utilizing the ARCON FCE system. The ARCON system has been an effective tool assisting healthcare providers with date collection for more than 25 years. It is currently being used in over 1000 clinics nationwide.

The testing protocols include : Dynamic lifting, isometric testing for the upper and lower extremities and back, range of motion testing, dexterity testing, endurance testing and activities of daily living. When not medically contraindicated, a cardiovascular assessment using the Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test can be used to quickly and safely assess aerobic capacity. The protocol is designed to be comprehensive assessment of the client's functional abilities. The typical evaluation takes approximately 4 hours.